WhatsApp Trick Read Your GirlFriend Massages Trick

Read Your GirlFriend Massages Trick

Most people use WhatsApp to send messages to each other through the internet. Servers use different versions of WhatsApp based on what they find interesting. It’s common for people to use WhatsApp as a messenger or for business WhatsApp Trick

There are a lot of different types of WhatsApp. It’s better than messenger WhatsApp and business WhatsApp because GB and FM WhatsApp have more interesting features than messenger WhatsApp and business WhatsApp.

It’s usually used to send messages. Where servers can chat, text, and share audio and video media and voice notes with the right person for effective communication. This is called a “server room.” WhatsApp relies on having enough internet to send messages. With your monthly WhatsApp package, you can get a lot of other things as well. That’s why people use WhatsApp instead of texting on their sim card or phone number. Almost 450 million servers use WhatsApp every month.

A lot of people use WhatsApp because it gives them a lot of good things to do. WhatsApp is used for all online work. WhatsApp played a big part in connecting people with their loved ones, the public with its community, workers with their firms, students with their schools, and many other things. WhatsApp is the best way to communicate with people in the business world. If you want, you can even run WhatsApp on your PC, laptop, and smartphone.

WhatsApp Trick

This is a list of some of the best hacks and tricks for WhatsApp 2022

•As we know, WhatsApp is a very popular and widely used messenger app for Android devices. With the rise of Android phones and smart phones, the use of social networks and messenger apps has grown.

•Everyone likes to use smart phones because they have a good camera, a whole touch assistant, a lot of storage space, fast internet with 3G and 4G support, and a huge app store that has a lot of apps that match the needs of the servers.

•Android gadgets, even though they have smart features at a low price, can also be used to enjoy some amazing smartphone features. As WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps for Android phones, there are a lot of secrets about WhatsApp hacks and tactics.

•With the help of these simple but great tricks for WhatsApp, we can easily use many new features that aren’t specifically available on WhatsApp. WhatsApp usually has features like sharing a file, voice and video calls, chatting, and group chats, but it can also be used for other things.

•But because there are only a few rules on the whole, we use tips to make the best use of things, or we have already written about a lot of WhatsApp hacks in other articles. Here, you can see the whole list of the best WhatsApp hacks and tricks.


You Twofold have two WhatsApp accounts on one phone:

It is possible to create two WhatsApp using our fantastic WhatsApp spoofs. The WhatsApp admin software does not allow you to run two WhatsApp simultaneously, however our phone supports two sim cards.

But it works with third force apps. If you want to have two WhatsApp accounts on your smartphone. Then you should follow a step-by-step instruction for twofold WhatsApp to use it.

How to operate twofold WhatsApp account on one device?


Twofold WhatsApp account through usage of WhatsApp Solo: WhatsApp Solo is a wonderful application. Through its usage you can simply design an additional WhatsApp account at one device. It offers status bar that alter colour in Lollipop and icon technology. It has best features of antiban application.

Essentials to design account over WhatsApp Solo:

*The first thing you should do is install the app and download it to your phone.

*Use the previous tricks, like making a WhatsApp account, to do this. Don’t use the same phone number to make a new account.

  • Whether you have a lot of problems later or not, you need to back up and delete the real WhatsApp and then download this app.


To double WhatsApp, use OG WhatsApp.

• Before you do anything else, you should back up your messages by setting up WhatsApp. Then, you should set up a chat, and then you should back up your chat.

This will happen later. First, you should go into your Android settings. Then you should go to the app called WhatsApp. You should click on it and choose to clear data.

• Right now, move to your WhatsApp. If it’s on your phone’s storage or SD card, change it to OG WhatsApp.

•Delete your actual WhatsApp.

• You must install the app right away and then download it to your smartphone.

•Make your account like the spoof later.

•Install the real WhatsApp and set up your old account. So, you’ll be able to run two different accounts at the same time, right?

Shift WhatsApp account through one device to further:

If you bought a new smartphone and want to move your WhatsApp account from your old one to your new one. Before you download WhatsApp on your new phone, follow these tips.

Make sure you don’t close the file manager on your old phone.

Later, find out about WhatsApp and get it off of you.

  • After you find the database file and copy the whole file into your computer, you can use it.
  • Download WhatsApp on the new phone. Then, copy all of the files into the database next to WhatsApp.

Install WhatsApp in computer and laptop:

With the assistance of bluestacks WhatsApp can be operated on computer and laptop. And the second trick to use WhatsApp on computer is web version

It’s possible for WhatsApp’s servers to make different font sizes when you send text to your friends. But many servers don’t know about this prank. You can make your font in bold or italics if you want.

Bold: For holding your text type asterisks (the sign of *) on both corners.

Italics: For converting your text into Italics type underscore (the sign of ~) on left and right sides.

Strikethrough: Type tildes on both sides of your message.

Mention shortcut through long chat:

This is very trick where you highlight the previous text and then add some caption. So, just click long hold on particular message then you will be able to mention that message easily.

Deleted text recovery on WhatsApp:

You can get your deleted messages again with backup option. You can get deleted texts recovery by reinstall your WhatsApp. At downloading you will advise to restore your deleting media just you have to press ok. Later reinstalling you will able to obtain your deleted data.

WhatsApp Trick

Swap WhatsApp number through removing account:

You can change your WhatsApp contact’s partner through your own account. Servers usually get rid of WhatsApp so that they can change their status on WhatsApp. A rough idea, though. When you use WhatsApp, you can change your phone number by following a few steps. In the future, if you’re willing to change, you’ll find great hacks. Take a look at setting>accounts>swap number to find out how to do this. You have to enter your old and new contact information right away.

Wrecked last seen mark on WhatsApp:

When you set your privacy then no one can view your last seen. It is wonderful hack of WhatsApp. Third force software can assist you to operate this feature. So, process is as under. 1)Unfold your messenger of WhatsApp.

2)Move to setting and unfold account

3) Here you will see privacy button press over last seen.

4)Instantly choose audience for your last seen which consists on my contacts, everyone and nobody.

WhatsApp Trick

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