Live Tv All Channel app for Android NetTV 2022

There is an Android app called Live NetTV that can help you watch more than 700 TV shows. Live TV is a free app that lets you watch free TV on the web.Tv All Channel

People who want to watch their favourite TV shows and movies on the go can use the Live Net TV app. With the app, you can stream content in both standard and high definitions of the same thing. As of now, the app isn’t available on the Google Play Store. To get the APK file, you need to go to the website of the app developer. Below, we show you how to download and install the app so that you can watch movies on your phone or tablet while you’re on the go.

Tv All Channel
  • App Name: Live Net TV
  • File Type: APK
  • File Size: 24.6 MB
  • APK Version: 4.8.6

What is Live NetTV App?

Tv All Channel

You can stream TV online, but many people don’t know where to find a good website or app that can help them do this. With the help of the Live NetTV APK, you can watch more than 700 TV channels and high-quality movies on your Android phone or tablet. People of all ages find movies and TV shows to be some of the most interesting sources of entertainment. In the movie theatre, you can watch movies on the TV. You can’t take your TV with you because it’s too heavy.

If you have an Android phone, there is a way to fix this. These days, people can download apps that let them watch live TV and movies on their phones. Google Play has a lot of apps that let you watch movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet, but Live Net TV is one of the best out of all the apps there.

Live Net TV is one of the most famous and widely downloaded Android applications that allows users to enjoy seamless entertainment by helping them watch a huge collection of high-quality movies and television shows on their mobile phones. It is a fun app that lets you watch live TV, live sports events, and TV shows for free. Many countries are represented in the app, such as the United Kingdom, the United States of America and India and Pakistan and many other countries. You can choose from a wide range of channels in the app.

Tv All Channel

As we have already told you, there are a plethora of applications on the Google Play Store that are designed for streaming TV shows and movies on mobile devices but not all applications work as flawlessly as Live NetTV does. Most of the applications that are found on the Google Play store are deceiving in nature. You will be persistently bugged by ad pop-ups and most of the time, links given in the app are not working or are broken. Also, at times such applications can have malicious viruses and adware that can be harmful to your device and can steal sensitive information from your mobile phone therefore downloading such applications is not recommended. However, Live Net TV is not like any other application out there. It is a trusted application with all the working links and a huge library of high-quality movies and TV shows. In the app, you can find streaming links for movies and TV shows in SD and HD quality. You can open the links in any video player such as MX Player or VLC Media player on your mobile phone. With this app, you can watch live sports, TV programmes, and classic movies without paying any fees.

Let us learn some more about Live NetTV free APK so that you can download it without having any doubt about the application.

Live NetTV APK Download System Requirements

Name:Live Net TV
File Size:24.6 MB
Minimum Requirement:Android 4.1+
Live NetTV Features:Watch Live TV absolutely free of cost.
Last Update Time:13 May 2022
  • Request your favorite channel

It’s a child’s job to look for their favourite channel in the app. There is a special search box that can help people find the show or movie they want to watch. If you don’t see the channel you want in the list of available channels, you can also ask the developers of Live Net TV to add it to the list of channels that are available. In the menu, clicking on it will take you to the “Channel Request” button. Please give the name of the movie or TV show you want to see and then click the “Submit” button. The team that makes the Live Net TV app will try to add the movie or TV show that you want as soon as possible. It is one of the few apps that let you ask the app developers for your favourite show or movie.

  • Report the broken links

The live net TV free app has more than one link where you can watch movies and other shows. If one of the links doesn’t work, you can switch to the other link to watch the movie. Also, you can report the broken link so that the technical team of the app can fix it. You just need to long-press on the link of the channel that isn’t working, and then it will work again. As soon as you press long, you will be given two options: Add this station to your favourite channels or report this station to Apple. Click on the “Report the channel” option, then write down the question or problem you are having while streaming that channel, and then click the button. Click on the submit button next. Then, you’ll send your question.

  • Easy to understand and use interface

The Live Net TV online app was made with the general public in mind. In order to use the app, you don’t need to be a technical expert. The interface of the app has been made as simple as possible so that people who know how to use a mobile can use the apps. All the buttons in the app are well-designed and easy to see.

  • Availability of Movies and TV Shows in High Definition

With the availability of speedy internet connection in most areas these days, everybody wants to stream movies and television shows in high quality. Also, most of the devices these days support playback in high definition. Live Net Application developers have ensured that users can play the videos in high definition. They are adding more and more movies and TV shows in high definition as the collection is regularly updated.

  • No registration process

While most of the applications designed for streaming movies and TV shows require you to enter your details such as name, email id, country name, and pin code, Live Net TV, on the other hand, does not require any such registration. To start streaming your favorite television shows and movies, you don’t have to undergo any lengthy registration process. You can begin right away. Some apps require you to enter your credit card details on the pretext of security; there is no need to add any kind of details on the Live Net TV application which is why it is one of the most favorite streaming applications of many people all over the world.

  • A vast collection segregated into different genres

One of the most impressive things about the Live Net TV application is the way in which content is presented to users. The app has a large collection of television shows and movies in different languages for users. Most importantly, the content is segregated into a fashion that makes it easy for users to pick their favorite videos. You can find videos of different genres such as religion, classic, popular movies, sports, etc. There is also a vast collection of documentaries in the app which is a delight for all the documentary lovers out there. Moreover, the content on the application is regularly updated and you can also request the titles that you think are missing from the collection. The team of the Live Net TV app responds promptly and the requested title will be added in no time so that you can enjoy your favorite show or movie.

  • Video Playback Supported in Various Video Players

Developers have taken complete care of the comfort of the users of the application. Video playback is supported in many third-party video players including MX Player, VLC Media player, and other players users find convenient. This feature is especially beneficial for all those users who complain that the default player of their mobile device is disappointing and lacks features. All those users can download the desired video player from Google Play Store and watch videos in it.

  • Schedule Live Events

The latest version of the application (version 4.5) brings with itself a rather useful feature. Now you can have look at all the upcoming events in sports and other live events. If you want to access this feature, click on the menu, and choose live events from there. You can now go to the date on which the event will stream live and select the event.

Other noteworthy features of the application are notifications whenever a new channel or video is added to the already vast library, the option of adding videos to the favorite list, the option of setting your favorite tab so that you get to see the tab whenever you launch the application and password protection of categories.

How to install the Live Net TV App?

In order to download live nettv from an external source, your Android phone should have the permission of downloading third-party applications from external sources. To grant the permission, go to settings and scroll down to the ‘Security’ section. There, you will see the option of ‘unknown sources. Check the option to download the application. You can turn off the option again after downloading the application. After downloading the application, install it on your mobile phone like you would install any other application by simply clicking on the install button. 

Live netTV download and Installation on Firestick and Fire TV is a lengthy procedure and you can Google the steps you would need to pursue to install the Live NetTV application on your Fire Stick and Fire TV.

Pros & Cons of Live NetTV APK

Live NetTV app is one of a kind app with many advantages and a few disadvantages as well. Let us have a look at the pros and cons of the app.


  • It is free of cost application with no lengthy registration procedure to begin streaming your favorite movie.
  • A vast collection of television shows and movies and the content is neatly arranged into different categories making it easy for users to find what they are looking for.
  • The option of requesting any title which is not included in the library is a gem.
  • The easy-to-use interface of the application makes it easy to use the application.
  • With simple swiping gestures, you can switch between different applications.
  • The feature of live events is a boon for those who watch live sports events.


  • The absence of an electronic program guide is troublesome at times.
  • Frequent ad pop-ups can be a bit annoying sometimes but users need to understand that app developers are earning from the advertisements as the application is free to download and there are no in-app purchases.
  • The application is not available on the Google Play Store which can be an issue regarding the credibility of the app. Live TV APK download can be done from the official website of the app. 

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