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MagicCall – Voice Changer App is an app for Android and iOS that lets users add effects to their voices to change how they sound Call Voice Changer

As the name suggests, it’s a voice-changing app for Android or iOS users who want to pull pranks or make funny audio or video clips and mix them together on a video. The whole point of the app is to play jokes or have fun (if this is your idea of fun), but you have to pay to have fun with MagicCall, which takes away from the fun.

Call Voice Changer

There are many different voices that can be added to a call with MagicCall. There are also some background effects, which you can use to avoid a call by making it sound like you’re in traffic or it’s raining hard while you’re talking. The deal sounds good, especially for someone who makes voiceovers and needs to add effects to the original voice call. But the app costs too much and doesn’t do anything that makes sense to pay for.

In recent news, the app has been getting a lot of bad reviews because bugs, glitches, and broken features are always happening. A Play Store rating of only 3.5 means that the app didn’t live up to what users expected.

Using MagicCall: Task and Features

MagicCall lets you change your voice to male, female, kid, or cartoon. There are more voices, like President, Sophia AI, The Boss Baby, and so on.

Call Voice Changer

Users can choose to change their voices by converting them to one of four modes based on their ages.

Users can try out these different voices on a call or record something using them and save it on the device.

Call Voice Changer

– There are few background effects in the app as well. These backgrounds create a fake surrounding for you to pretend to some caller.

Call Voice Changer

Call Voice Changer

– For example, if you choose rain, your call or recording will have the sound of heavy rain in the background. In the same way, if you choose a racecar, you will hear a racecar zooming around you like background noise.

Call Voice Changer

Pricing Plans

The app has three different pricing plans:

  • Pro
  • Intermediate
  • Beginning

The app itself is free to use and download but to make calls with voice changing modes; you need in-app credits. Those credits can only be purchased if you buy a purchase plan. The minimum subscription plan is of $1.99/week, which gives the user 100 calling credits. The credits are spent on calls depending on how long the call went, just like using a payphone.

Call Girl Voice Changer

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